Web Design

There are many important components to your online presence. Social Media allows your fans and friends to interact with one another. Review sites can reassure new clients that you provide excellent products or services. Your website is what ties all of these other services together and provides a landing zone for people to learn more about you. While Facebook and other platforms allow you to share information, they don’t let you have complete control like a website of your own can. 

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South Coast Tours

Complete Site Overhaul

South Coast Tours is a kayak and stand up paddle touring company based in the scenic Southern Oregon Coast. They came to us to transform their Weebly site into something more modern that could showcase their tours and book more trips.

Home Page - Before
Home Page - After
Tour Page - Before


We build the majority of our sites on WordPress to allow our clients access to their content.

Take Control of Your Site

Our sites are user friendly for both our clients and yours. We provide a complete set of tutorials to give you complete control.
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Mobile Design

Our sites are designed to work on a desktop, laptop, tablet, and perhaps most importantly; smartphones.

Make Your Site Responsive

Mobile browsers now account for almost 60% of all web traffic. Don't get left behind with a non-responsive web site.
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Get Social

Leverage your existing social media channels into your website and you'll constantly be creating content.

Social Media Integration

Pull in an Instagram feed, share your Facebook status, and proudly display your Tweets all within your own site.
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SEO Friendly

Our sites are built for SEO and we aren't stingy when it comes to sharing SEO tips and tricks.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an ongoing strategy. The first step is building your site in a way that makes the search engines happy.
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We build sites for everybody.

We’ve concepted, designed, and developed websites for a wide variety of clients including outdoor recreation companies, artists, apparel sales and manufacturing, municipalities, athletes, performers, events, lawyers, and so much more.