Video has taken over. Between websites and social media there are many avenues we can use to share video content with one another. Places like YouTube have given individuals and small companies audiences that were unheard of just ten years ago. We are now in an age where your video content can not only market your services or products, but act as a revenue stream of its own. We can help create high-quality, captivating video for your business or organization. 

John Day River Territory

JDRT / Travel Oregon

This piece was a collaboration with Justin Myers filmed out in Eastern Oregon. The piece highlights motorcycle tourism throughout the region, showcasing the natural beauty of the John Day River Territory.

Hines Warner

Financial Planning

This project was a collaboration with Justin Myers that showcases the services of the financial planning firm Hines Warner.

Serenity by the Sea

Vacation Home

This video was made to promote a rental property located in Pacific City on the Oregon Coast. Segments of the video are also used as design elements for a website which showcases the home.

Additional videos created by Whaleshead Studio staff and collaborators.

Sitka Center Workshops

The Spout

HUMN Wallet